The turret, fitted on the LK CRIMP, allwos the positioners assembly. The crimp contact option for the LK, LKS and LKH range of connectors, allows large assembly time savings, and gives a perfect, reliable and durable connection by the use of LK CRIMP or LK CRIMP PN with Turret tools (LK TR). The positioners (LK PS ..) must be select depending on the different pins size: LK PS 12 (pin size 12 - some LKH connectors), LK PS LKS (pin size 12 for LKS), LK PS 16 (pin size 16 - all the LK range from 13 to 85 pins), LK PS 18 (LK 150 pins) and LK PS 20 (LK 200 pins). To crimp the contacts, crimping tool, turret and pins positioner are needed. Contacts may be easily extracted from the insert for maintenance or substitution. The insertion of contacts is made by the inserter LK INS (12, 16, 18 or 20 following the contact size); female contacts may be inserted by the aid of the plug LK SP (12, 12LKS, 16, 18 or 20) as shown in the drawing. To extract the contacts the use of LK EX MN UNIV ejector is required; it contains the metal points suitable for the different size (LK EX ..), both for female and male contacts. It is possible to adjust the crimping according to the wire size. Every contact has its own positioner, to be mounted on a universal turret LK TR. The mounting position is selected following the female or male contact type. For easier contact insertion use an alcohol lubricant. Pin
Dummy range is available for the assembly of the LK connector back shells. Dummy tools can be fixed to a panel or by gripping in a vice. Then, lock the backshell in place means of the LK K BK key. Once the LK K has been fixed to the panel or to the vice, put the connector for assembly in the mating position. Next, screw the backshell firmly into place with the LK K BK key. This allows to screw the backshell at best, avoiding unscrewing during operations. The main contacts used in the LK range can be contained inside the LK EX MN UNIV and must be screwed into the front part of the Handle.